File Help

Get help with how to set up your files for printing, laser cutting, and etching and label printing and cutting by following the instructions below.

Setup file to print with a bleed

  1. Make sure your document has .125 bleed on it
  2. When Exporting or Saving as a PDF select “Press Quality”
  3. When Exporting or Saving as a PDF make sure you include the bleed and crop

Creating a eps file for label printing

  1. Give the art a .0625 bleed
  2. The die should have no stroke and fill spot color fill named “FXCUT”, send it to the back
  3. “Use Artboard” when saving the eps file

Creating files for laser cutting

  1. Create a separate layer named “DIE” add the die into that layer
  2. The die should be a stoke with a weight of .01pt and black. No fill
  3. When saving the PDF save it with layers