Design Templates

Below we have posted standard templates for creating some standard sized stationary. These are available for Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Publisher.

Right-click on the file you need and select “Save Link As” to save the file to your desired location.

The Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop files can be opened with version CS.  We have made the Adobe InDesign files available for these three versions: CS3, CS4, and CS5. Please make sure to select the appropriate file for your version of that program. You will need to make sure that you have all of your version updates taken care of to be able to open up these files.

Although we can open and print from these source program files, we do prefer that all artwork be submitted as a PDF file, as this streamlines the printing process. For the Adobe programs, PDF files can be created by directly saving or exporting to that format. For Microsoft Publisher, you may need to use an external PDF creation program to make that file.

Each template was created to make your work easier, with instructions on the artwork page.

For more info on PDF files, bleeds and crop marks, please reference the following link:

Please note that a “Landscape” format card opens at the bottom edge and a “Portrait” format card opens at the right edge.

A2 A2 A6 A6
A2 Landscape CS3 A2 Portrait CS3 A6 Landscape CS3 A6 Portrait CS3
A2 Landscape CS4 A2 Portrait CS4 A6 Landscape CS4 A6 Portrait CS4
A2 Landscape CS5 A2 Portrait CS5 A6 Landscape CS5 A6 Portrait CS5
A2 Landscape.psd A2 Portrait.psd A6 Landscape.psd A6 Portrait.psd






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