Holiday Card templates now available online!

Clone Digital Print & Copy now has design templates for A2 and A6 folded cards available via our website!  You can use these to create custom holiday cards to send to friends and family.  Add a photo, or perhaps your company logo (or both), some text inside, and Voila!  A personalized holiday greeting for your loved ones and business associates.


Wwww. is now fully operational and running live, online! We need to adjust a couple of areas, and flesh out a few more, but you are now able to fully submit projects for printing, and submit questions and proposals via our new, updated website.

The Psychology of Paper

For decades, technology gurus have predicted the demise of paper and the advent of an electronic age of communication.  Electronic communications has definitely grown, just look at Facebook, My Space, Twitter and the World Wide Web in general.  But paper trail has not gone away and is anything but dead.   People still have an attachment to paper and this does not appear likely to change. is soon to be updated and online!

Well, the new site is almost online. We are about 70% there, although the remaining time needed may be hard to find in the next few days.

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